Online shopping in Germany as a foreigner: Is it safe?

Online shopping has always brought the idea of time-saving, easiness, and the variety you can explore easily and efficiently. You can unquestionably save your time, money, and energy shopping online as everything is done almost instantly, except for the delivery, of course. But one main point that people tend to forget is if online shopping is actually safe or not. And if we specifically talk about Germany and the foreigners living there, would it be safe for them? They would surely not know about the country’s trends and what is good and what is not, as they have not been living there for long. So what is the answer? Let’s find out!

Is it safe to shop online in Germany as a tourist?

Germany is quite an advanced country when it comes to tech and eCommerce. And that is probably the reason why it is one of the safest countries to shop online and get whatever you want. But the thing is, it can be quite easy to trick foreigners into believing that a site is legit, and you can proceed with them. If you can keep some crucial things in mind, you can exterminate that factor and find the online shopping experience there safe and sound. But if not, then you might face some massive hurdles.

How to make sure your online shopping experience is safe in Germany?

If you want to actually make sure that your online shopping experience is safe and sound in Germany, you can take a brief look at the following points:

1. Check online reviews!

Checking online reviews is the best and the fastest thing you can do to make sure if the store is legit and good for you. You can simply visit various platforms and search for your store right there. Then you can check out the customer reviews and see what people are saying about them. This way, you will definitely be able to know how good the service is, how good their prices are, and how well they serve their customers.

2. Opt for the Cash-on-Delivery option

Another great way to make sure that your online shopping experience is safe is to opt for the cash-on-delivery option. While it might be a very old-school method, it can still offer you peace of mind. You can check the product when it arrives and then pays for it as agreed. This way, you won’t have to worry about being scammed and getting nothing from the store.

3. Check the location and warehouses

It does not precisely matter if we talk about online stores or physical stores; both definitely have a physical address from where they operate all the things. You can take a look at the address and explore it on the internet to find out if they are really based there or not. You can also take a look at their warehouses’ locations to see from where they deliver the products for better authenticity. 


In the end, it is actually safe to say that Germany is a good place even for tourists to shop online. There are very few little things that you will have to keep in check if you want to avoid all the hurdles. So precisely make sure you keep track of them, and your experience will be better.